Revelutionize Homes.


Getting tired of traditional housing's soaring costs?

At Revelution, our primary focus is on providing Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and backyard offices, distributed across the US. We're offering container homes as a compelling alternative to the ever-expensive traditional housing market.

📍Starting in Massachusetts

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Live in it. Work in it. Rent it out.

Open new doors with Backyard.

Partner with Pamela Bardhi
Partner with Pamela Bardhi
Partner with Pamela Bardhi

Get Backyard in four simple steps.

And in as few as seven months.

Design yours

Tailor your unit with a layout and customizations that reflect your style and needs.

Partner with Pamela Bardhi

Sign off

We visit your site to create an accurate estimate for the work required to install Backyard.

Partner with Pamela Bardhi

Sit back

We get building permits, manufacture your unit and prepare your site. You decide how to use it.

Partner with Pamela Bardhi

Get your keys

Seven months after approving your estimate, you'll get the keys to your own Backyard oasis.

Partner with Pamela Bardhi

Want the details?

Learn more about our fast, easy installation process.

A better future starts in your own Backyard.

Backyard is designed for a better tomorrow. Thanks to top-tier energy efficiency and optional solar arrays, Backyard cuts your dependence on the grid. Think of it as design with purpose — good for you, great for the planet.

Partner with Pamela Bardhi
Partner with Pamela Bardhi

available in massachusetts

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